Designer Bracket Extension Cable

(lead time 7 days)
Bracket input
Device end

79 USD
This Bracket Extension Cable is our new product line accessories, carefully crafted by co-designers who understand our product features and appeals. This accessory can avoid the messy penetration of the DC cable into the case, and it can also be moved and connected more quickly during various tests.
The cable is made from two high quality 1.2mm single core pure silver wires. Gold-plated Oyaide barrel connectors are used on device ends, and a 90-degree version is also available to facilitate certain usage scenarios. You can consider the length of the wire and the angle of the connector depending on the relative position of the M.2 and the bracket, the wire itself can also be slightly bent to the angle you want to meet various needs.
Because there is one more connection point, the initial pursuit of this product is to not cause additional bottlenecks, and the designer has perfectly met this requirement. With careful design and sufficient wire diameter, this short silver wire also brings a more transparent timbre and comes with a touch of glamour.