Revelation Femto SSD

Capacity / Mode

749 USD
Introducing the world's first NVMe M2 SSD designed by audiophiles for audiophiles and serious music lovers. 3D NAND flash in pseudo SLC mode, paired with audio grade ultra-precision external oscillator, 8-layer milspec PCB with 2oz (200% more) copper isolation, 300% more grounding surface, 45u (900%) more gold-plated connectors, external linear power supply input, paired with super high-end audiophile grade Audionote Kaisei capacitors for high frequency noise filtration.
Taiwan Excellence Award 2024
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A year in making designed from group up, completely revitalized and transformed music play from any storage device. Repeatedly modify and conduct listening tests for each component, in pursuit of furthest extent minimizes interference from PC. All results to live like 3 dimensional sounding, vinyl like characters, sense of depth, dynamic impact, details densities and separations can almost be seen which reveals every ounce of emotion of all music recordings.
General NVMe power from motherboard / Seasonic PRIME PX-850
Zzyzxphile PSLC power from motherboard / Seasonic PRIME PX-850
Zzyzxphile PSLC power from LPS / KECES P3


  • 320GB storage capacity (960GB 3D NAND flash in pseudo SLC mode)
  • Crystek CCHD-957 Femto clock oscillator
  • Audionote Kaisei 2x 220uf capacitors
  • External power input & Internal MB power capacitor pass through
  • DC 5v 2.1mm power input (min. 2.5A)
  • 2oz copper 8 layer PCB
  • Milspec PCB stiffness
  • 300% grounding area
  • 45u gold plated connectors
  • Contact conductivity enhancement (Plus version)
  • Deep cryogenic treatment (Plus version)
  • Pre-optimization formatting (Plus version)
  • 1 year warranty


This SSD has jumper to switch power source:
[1 2] (default) is motherboard power
[2 3] is external power input, when you set this, you must use an external power supply, otherwise the system will not be able to detect the SSD.
The external power input specification is DC 5v (2.5A minimum), DC jack is 2.1mm with center positive.